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Press Releases - Extracts

Report training measures in cooperation with Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft gGmbH & DEHOGA MV (Nov 2014)

invent-solutions continues training

Press release of IHK-Zeitung "Faktor Wirtschaft", March 2014

A little bit like Rach the restaurant validator

Press release Forum DenkWerk at ÜAZ Waren / Grevesmühlen e.V.

The ÜAZ Waren enters new ways in touristic knowledge an training

Pressemiteilung of TausendSeenForum November 2012

Tourismusverband Tourism union plans 7. ThousandSeeForumwith a huge number of workshops

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition July/August and September 2012

Advertising much more important then loyality of customers?

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition July/August and September 2012

New classification of hotels in Müritzregion

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition Jun 2012

Organisation of customer service quality in Germany new defined in MV

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition June 2012

BEST WESTERN Hanse Hotel Warnemünde commits to sustainable learning

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition June 2012

Stars over the Müritz-Region

Lokalanzeiger DEHOGA MV - edition June 2012

Rev up - DEHOGA Müritzkreis with dedicated guest

Rostocker Express - May 2012

Success begins early in career

DEHOGA Lokalanzeiger - edition April 2012:

It will be necessary to get employees in general

DEHOGA Lokalanzeiger - January 2011:

Change of leadership - Regionalverband Müritz

Rostock delüx - March 2010:

Teambuilding-Incentives – Secret weapon of team motivation?